Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build Lissted ?

Every organisation is keen to better understand who's relevant to its subject area and what they are saying. But most tools that claim to do so start with the full unfiltered stream of data and use supposedly complex and secretive algorithms to make recommendations. And they still largely fail.

Lissted was founded in the belief that there's a better way -- using real world authority and focusing on relevance instead of influence.

How does Lissted work?

Lissted starts with human-moderated lists of the people who really matter to an industry -- whether journalists, politicians or brands themselves. From here, its algorithm maps their relationships to other accounts and predicts who they also listen to.

The result is a fuller picture of who speaks authoritatively about an industry, not based on 100% internet-defined machine signals but derived from the seeds of a more powerful source: real world relevance.

Who is Lissted made for?

The insight Lissted provides can help anyone with a desire to better understand who is relevant to their industry and what they are saying right now. That may be PR professionals and marketers who need to quickly research or track an industry. It may be journalists who want to stay abreast of the latest news among their qualified competition and sources. Or politicians wanting to get the pulse on sentiment around a subject.

What is The Lisst?

The Lisst began as a hand built database of the journalists across key industry sectors. With Lissted 2.0, we're using the algorithm to map relationships and predict who this group listens to and therefore who else is relevant to those subject areas.

Am I on The Lisst?

Find out by logging in here.

How much does it cost?

Find full pricing here.

How does Lissted make money?

Lissted offers a subscription-based service in two varieties. We don't use your data to attract advertisers, sell it to third parties or use it in any way you wouldn't reasonably assume. This means unlike many services,you can rest assured you're the user, not the product.

How does this fit alongside tools such as TweetDeck?

Paid Lissted accounts allow you to research, create and manage lists, which can be exported directly to Twitter for engagement and monitoring.

I have another question or feedback

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