Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build Lissted ?

We think if you can understand the makeup of communities relevant to you, everything else starts to fall into place. This is because the very people, content and conversations they are paying attention to are the ones that are likely to matter most.
The critical element is the ability to identify these communities accurately. To find the right people to listen to. This is why we’ve spent the last two years developing Lissted’s real world approach to identifying relevant communities. 

How does Lissted work?

Most other tools only use content and conversation as the way to identify influencers. This is fundamentally limited as you'll only find people and organisations who are creating noise and often those with the most real influence are quiet. 
So as well as looking at conversation, we focus on analysing the relationships relevant people and organisations have, to identify their peers and those they have affinity with.

The result is a fuller picture of who speaks authoritatively about an industry, not based on 100% internet-defined machine signals but derived from the seeds of a more powerful source: real world relevance.

Who is Lissted made for?

The communities Lissted enables you to identify power you with a superhuman ability to filter the online world and discover who, and what, really matters to your PR and Marketing objectives:
Reputation management: they’ll highlight important stories and conversations about your brand before most people get to hear about them.
Outreach: they’ll tell you who the content creators are that drive influential conversations, not just noisy ones.
Amplifying your content: they’ll tell you who the curators are that identify and share influential conversations.
Improving your search ranking: they’ll tell you the domains that they trust, which are therefore likely to be the very ones that Google will trust too.
Targeting your advertising: they’ll help you identify the people most like them and who share their interests.
Event organising: they’ll tell you who are the most recognised people in their field.
Real time marketing: they’ll help you identify what’s really getting relevant people engaged.

How much does it cost?

We're currently accepting invite requests for the beta version of our brand new application. Access for this select group will initially be free. We anticipate relaunching subscription access in a few months time.

How does this fit alongside tools such as TweetDeck?

Lissted allows you export your communities directly to Twitter for engagement and monitoring. See examples of lists we've created here.

I have another question or feedback

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