Superhuman Social Listening

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What matters to the people who are really influential

Discover the truly influential voices in a community and the content, conversations and websites that matter to them.

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Learn who’s influential in key communities

Lissted helps you discover the true influencers in communities.

The people and organisations whose influence reaches into the real world, not simply the ones who create the most noise online about a topic.

Identifying the right people is crucial if you want to ensure your content marketing, SEO and reputation management activities are effective.

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Discover the content they read and the people they react to

We analyse how members of communities relevant to you react to content, tweets and even websites. And if it matters to them, it must matter to you.

  • Content planning - Identify the content most likely to engage others.
  • Community engagement - Discover the best content to share before others do.
  • Influencer relations - Understand the people and media most likely to be read.
  • SEO - Research the domains they trust.
  • Reputation management - Highlight the most important stories about your brand.
  • Amplify your content - See who drives conversation on Twitter.

Subscribe to the content and tweets they care about

Even the most frequent user of Twitter can find it hard to keep up with all the great conversation and sharing of content that happens every day.

Lissted’s digests keep you up to speed with the content and tweets that are sparking the most interest in a community.


The movers and shakers. The people and brands that are recognised as leaders.


The engine room. They may not be as well known as the top influencers, but these are the individuals who make the community tick.


The celebrities, media, politicians and journalists who the community has the most affinity to

Our Superhuman Approach

Lissted blends the curation of thousands of influential experts with the power of machines to discover what really matters.

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Human vs. Machine

Social listening usually starts with a machine. It listens to everything, and then the user has to sift through the noise looking for insight.

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Human vs. Machine

But it's our authority in the real world that decides whether what we say really matters, and there's no app for that.

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So we designed algorithms that analyse real world influencers to predict who is likely to matter most in a community on Twitter.

Then we blend the response of these influential voices with the general reaction on other social media like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The result? Discovery of who and what matters online, grounded in real world influence.


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