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Lissted helps you understand the relevant communities to you.

Unlike other platforms that focus exclusively on content, we've analysed the relationships and interactions of over 1 million of the most influential people and organisations on Twitter, to identify their peers and those they have affinity with. 

Identify the most influential people and organisations depending on your objective. Listen effectively to social media in a real time world. Act on the insight our superhuman approach reveals.

Influencer Twitter Lists

 Some examples of community lists created using Lissted. Find more here.

Big Data
Influencers on big data and related topics
Content marketing
Content Marketing influencers
Top Golf influencers on Twitter
Top influencers in SEO community
Top influencers in Buzzfeed community
Data visualisation
Influencers in the dataviz community
Top influencers in IBM community
UK Public Relations
Top influencers in UK PR community